Honouring the Life of UTP Author David E. Smith

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We are sad to announce that UTP author David E. Smith passed away on January 2nd, 2023. Smith was the author or co-author of twelve books with UTP over the course of his career, which you can find here. One of his co-authors for Canada’s Deep Crown, Christopher McCreery, wrote the following tribute:

I regret to inform you that David E. Smith has passed way. In addition to being the foremost living scholar of the Canadian Crown, David served as constitutional advisor to many Governors General, Lieutenant Governors, the Privy Council Office and a number of Executive Council Offices as well. David also appeared before Parliamentary Committees on many occasions in relation to his work on the Senate and House of Commons.

A Professor of Political Science at the University of Saskatchewan and protégé of Professor Norman Ward, David’s books include; The Liberal Party in SaskatchewanJames G. Gardiner, Relentless Liberal (co-author with Norman Ward); Regional Decline of a National Party, Liberals on the PrairiesBuilding a Province: A history of Saskatchewan in DocumentsThe Invisible Crown, The First Principe of Canadian GovernmentThe Canadian Senate in Bicameral PerspectivesThe People’s House of Commons; Theories of Democracy in ContentionFederalism and the Constitution of CanadaAcross the Aisle, Opposition in Canadian PoliticsThe Constitution in a Hall of MirrorsCanada’s Deep Crown (co-author with Jonathan Shanks and Christopher McCreery).

David was a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada (1981), appointed an Officer of the Order of Canada (2013) and a member of the Saskatchewan Order of Merit (2015). He also edited a touching book of the correspondence between The Hon. Jimmy Gardiner and his son Pilot Officer John E. Gardiner who was Killed-in-Action while serving in the RCAF during the Dieppe Raid in 1942. As I think we all know, he had a deep passion for this country and its institutions, and a remarkable perspective on Canada in the broadest sense. His warm manner, dry wit, inquisitive approach, desire to share knowledge and discuss all manner Canadian history, society and politics will be missed many. He truly lived the motto of the Order of Canada.


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